stability in motion retreat series: session one



Are you a voice for the voiceless?

An advocate for the least, the last and lost?

A leader or helper along the journey of people who are hurting, in need of healing, or marginalized,

and you desire to make an impact?

A sojourner on a journey of passion and purpose can face great discouragement,

see little impact,

experience burn-out,

sense disconnection in their actions and intentions,

feel distance in relationships,

and perhaps blurred visibility along the path.

The journey can sometimes feel unsustainable.

As an advocate and voice,

the sojourner needs strength on their journey 

to persevere, 

to run their race, 

to live and lead with Stability in Motion. 



    Retreat for a day, where you will learn tools and practices 

to live out of a place of alignment and integration with your true self. 

Where you will learn and practice to “stake your tent” by 

grounding your body

quieting your mind

opening your heart

receiving the spirit

and live and lead with intentional integration, for intentional impact. 

The day will be a balance of learning and practicing, silent reflection and conversation, stillness and movement, as we practice staking the four parts our "tent". The day will include an assessment of your stability in motion, an honest inventory of the health of your four stakes, and practices of breathing, yoga, centering prayer, reflection, silent walks through nature, and scripture meditation (lectio divina), all grounded in Christian theology, contemplative practices, organizational behavior and psychology, leadership development, spiritual formation, and yoga.

This is session one of a 5-part Stability in Motion Series.  Check back for future dates and 3-day retreat options


Stability in Motion Retreat Series: 1-day sessions

Session One: Persevering on Your Journey - January 24, 2020

Session Two: Grounding the Body - February 21, 2020

Session Three:  Quieting the Mind - TBD

Session Four:  Opening the Heart - TBD

Session Five:  Receiving the Spirit - TBD

Stability in Motion Retreat: 

Persevering on Your Journey

January 24th, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Canterbury Retreat Center, Oviedo, Florida

$75 includes lunch and materials




Overview of Stability in Motion framework

Staking our Tents - integrating body, mind, heart and spirit

Stake 1:  Grounding your Body

Practice:  mindful body scans, light yoga

Teaching, reflection and discussion throughout


Stake 2:  Quieting your Mind

Practice:  Breathing, contemplative prayer

Stake 3:  Opening your Heart

Practice:  Silence and solitude

activity options - nature walk, journaling, art expression

Stake 4:  Receiving the Spirit

Practice: lectio divina (Scripture meditation)

Teaching, reflection and discussion throughout

Late Afternoon

Integrated Practice

90-minute practice integrating 

body, mind, heart, and spirit


centering prayer

heart meditation

lectio divina

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