Stability - Strategy - Strength

Stability - Strategy - StrengthStability - Strategy - StrengthStability - Strategy - Strength


Individuals, leaders, and organizations who desire to live out their purpose are traveling to the summit – that place where they can visualize their potential and live out their mission. This journey to the summit can be rocky, hard to persevere, and internal and external obstacles abound.  

Winn Summit Strategies is a guide and companion along the journey - so that Stability in Motion can be realized. 


As you ascend the summit, at times the view can be obstructed, or the peak you desire to climb changes. Understanding where you are and visioning where you are headed requires discernment.  Winn Summit Strategies helps you see- by facilitating Strategeic Sight visioning sessions, so you can be sure you are on the right path. 


Once the individual, leader, or team are stabilized, and a vision is realized, it's time to set the vision in motion. Winn Summit Strategies provides tools and processes that are easily integrated and create the Strength and accountability necessary to walk out the mission and thrive.  

Winn Summit Strategies offers coaching, consulting, workshops and retreats to help you along your journey.

What is stability in motion?

“Movement makes richest sense when set within a frame of stillness”. Pico Iyer

Stability in Motion - moving with intentional integration for intentional impact.

We- as individuals, leaders, and teams -  are designed with a specific core and a purpose. Yet, we often don't live and lead from this place of our true self.  We are constantly distracted by what society tells us to do or what we feel we should do, making discerning the right direction very difficult. Staying on the path to the summit requires knowing and aligning with your core purpose, your values - your true self- and being quiet and awake enough to discern your direction.

This framework, Stability in Motion, was designed by Winn Summit Strategies and s the foundation for all it offers.  It has has two main components.  

The Stability component emphasizes the essential elements that help you move through life with integration, intention, and impact - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Stability brings restoration for the weary and prevents future burnout.  

The Motion component focuses on how to discern your vision and purpose, the path to take to get there, and how to persevere on the path.  

This framework is for individuals on their own personal journey in life, leaders who are called to shepherd a flock, and for teams who are living out the mission of the organization.  

         Moving with intentional integration
                   for intentional impact.

Moving with integration for intentional impact

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