Individuals, leaders, and organizations who desire to live out their purpose are traveling to the summit – that place where they can visualize their potential and live out their mission. This journey to the summit can be rocky, hard to persevere, and internal and external obstacles abound.  

Winn Summit Strategies is a guide and companion along the journey - so that Stability in Motion can be realized. 


As you ascend the summit, at times the view can be obstructed, or the peak you desire to climb changes. Understanding where you are and visioning where you are headed requires discernment.  Winn Summit Strategies helps you see- by facilitating Strategeic Sight visioning sessions, so you can be sure you are on the right path. 


Once the individual, leader, or team are stabilized, and a vision is realized, it's time to set the vision in motion. Winn Summit Strategies provides tools and processes that are easily integrated and create the Strength and accountability necessary to walk out the mission and thrive.  

Winn Summit Strategies offers coaching, consulting and retreats to help you along your journey.

Coaching and Consulting


Walking to the Summit: Individual Coaching

Winn Summit Strategies has over 25 years of experience working in both the corporate and non-profit realms in the capacity of leadership and organizational development. We have seen and experienced burnout, disillusionment, unimplemented plans, and organizational chaos. Our coaching integrates assessments, leadership development, and stability and discernment practices to assist in seeing where the leader currently is and summit they are striving towards.

Current Sight: Organizational Assessments

You cannot know where you are going until you clearly see where you are.  Winn Summit Strategies has expertise in assessing the stability, strategy, and strength of and organization. From this assessment, Winn Summit Strategies is able to offer consulting on how to improve and thrive.  

Strength for the Journey: Integrating Organizational Tools

Once the team is stabilized and pursuing organizational health, and the vision and mission are clear, It is time to walk the path to the summit. Winn Summit Strategies provides consulting in tools and processes that need to be integrated into the fabric of the organization to ensure the team stays on track to thrive. 

Facilitated Retreats


Stability in Motion: Individual Journey

We are created for a purpose,  yet many obstacles get in our way to accomplishing our purpose. This 1 or  3 day retreat focuses on the Stability in Motion curriculum, which includes the essential elements of living an integrated life:  grounding your body, quieting your mind, opening your heart, and receiving the spirit. Retreat balances between teaching and practicing, group conversation and individual time, and interacting and silence.  

Stability in Motion: Team Journey

Working towards goals, teams can get side-tracked, weary, and off-mission. This 3 day retreat focuses on bringing stability to the team by introducing the Stability in Motion teachings, assessing the health of the team, and identifying obstacles along the journey towards the mission. Retreat balances between teaching and practicing, group conversation and individual time, and interacting and silence.   

Strategic Sight Visioning Sessions

When a team is stabilized, they are then ready to discern their strategic direction. Stakeholders gather for a 1/2 day to 3 day session focusing on assessing where they are, discerning the vision, living out the mission, and embodying the core values.


Winn Summit Strategies facilitates various workshops and assessments, including Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs, Thriving for the Long-Haul, Stability in Motion: Integrating Essential Anchors into Life and Leadership, Articulating Values, and many more. 

Retreat and Coaching Locations


On Site at Our Location

This past winter we opened up Loft on Main in Windermere, FL where we can teach, facilitate, consult, coach and retreat!  We can also come to your location.


Retreats in Colorado


Winn Summit Strategies is pleased to announce that retreats will also be offered at Summit Solitude, which is a retreat mountain home located in Breckenridge, Colorado.  The home sits on 9 acres, has priviate hiking trails, and sleeps up to 18, and has 6 private bedrroms and 5 full bathrooms.